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What is Reflexology?

Do you feel tense and anxious? Do you have interrupted sleep? Do you feel angry sometimes for no reason? Reflexology is relaxing, can relieve tension, could help you sleep better and can promote a sense of wellbeing. Reflexology is a complementary therapy involving specific techniques applied to particular points on the feet, hands or face known as reflexes. A mini-map of the body corresponds to certain areas on the hands, feet and face and by working these reflexes we aim to bring about balance within the body. Here at Gillian Frost Reflexology, I see a relationship between certain pressure points and the overall function of the body, and believe that applying pressure in the right places can have a good impact on a person’s health and well-being. The only way to know if reflexology will work for you is to try it. If you're around Alford, give me a call on +447812565263 and see for yourself.

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